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I have decided to start a series of journal entries to document my story as I continue to develop it, in hopes that a forward momentum may help to push me to completing it more quickly. I'm calling it "UNPROFESSIONAL" because I find it hard to consider myself a good writer. I am in the sense that I- at the very least- attempt to write properly, but my education on the subject is admittedly very basic.
At the same time, I'm not going to be telling a story in the traditional manner. This will be more like an amalgamation of information on certain aspects of my story, such as locations, characters, events and so on. I aim to paint a picture of my world so it may be better understood, although this will most likely come out as erratic rambling alongside piles of incoherent data. I would still like to have the information out somewhere though, to look back on and persuade myself to fight the occasional writer's block and persevere.

To begin, this story has been with me for a very long time- probably too long for how little I have to show for it. I created the concept when I was in middle school, around the year 2002. It was more of a joke than anything- and it originated on a piece of software called the RPG Maker 2000. It was my test game- something that I didn't give much thought as I was learning my way around the program. I gave the characters ridiculous names, weapons and objectives to get a laugh out of friends who I asked to play it. Hours of work for maybe five to ten minutes of game play, but I was happy with it. When I decided to get into the more advanced features, I ended making a sequel, and when RPG Maker 2k3 came out, I made another and you can imagine where it goes from there.

Again, there was not much thought into it. It was heavily inspired by anime (most of the default resources in the Maker were stylized as such), and I would constantly throw in deliberate tropes and cliches for humor, probably as cheesy and standard as you might expect from a middle school kid, but I was proud of them all the same. I'm nearly thirty now, and I still look back at it fondly.

By the time I got into high school, I had given the game a setting and many characters now had backgrounds, motives and purpose, while still retaining the odd quirks. Before I knew it, I had grown attached to the silly world and its silly people, and so I started giving it more attention and more thought. It became a bit more grounded and serious, while still having the elements that my younger self incorporated, and finally I'm at the point that I feel like I have something worthwhile, at least to myself. I intend on finishing it, even though I still don't quite know the way- whether it turns out to be a bust, and everyone else thinks it's a half-baked pile of rubbish. I want to finish it for me, and if it might interest or inspire others, it would be all the more fulfilling.

I have been working on it since- one microscopic step at a time. It means a great deal to me now, and there's not a day that goes by where it isn't on my mind. I just need the discipline to ignore distractions and the fortitude to withstand the daily mental blocks that come. The story itself has a beginning and an end, and a large chunk of 'in between'. I feel like it has a lot of meat on it, but when I try to explain it, I realize how little it all sounds, so maybe this journal will help.

The next entry, I'll begin laying out the foundation of the story.


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